2Cellos -《Celloverse》(浩瀚无限)[24bits 44.1KHz][FLAC]







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路卡‧苏利克Luka Sulic (大提琴)
斯杰潘‧豪瑟 Stjepan Hauser (大提琴)

豪华版加收七首MV,收录千万人点阅爆红〈Smooth Criminal〉到最新MV,及两段现场演出实况。

如今我们可以断定,二十一世纪初改变世代引领潮流的音乐团体,就属「酷音乐团」(The Piano Guys)和「提琴双杰」(2Cellos)。「酷音乐团」以Team Work表演模式带来综效性的感官享受,而「提琴双杰」则是由两位帅哥在大提琴与流行乐这两个平行宇宙之间,建构令人惊艳的动感美学。继【顶尖对决】与【二度交锋】之后,2015年第三张专辑【浩瀚无限】,「提琴双杰」又为乐迷打造出前所未有的崭新世界。

不到三十岁,来自斯洛维尼亚的苏利克(Luka Sulic)和来自克罗埃西亚的豪瑟(Stjepan Hauser),都拥有偶像明星级的俊美外型,更具备高超卓越的大提琴演奏才华。苏利克毕业於伦敦皇家音乐学院,曾获得赫赫有名的鲁托斯拉夫斯基国际大赛等首奖,而豪瑟毕业於曼彻斯特皇家北方音乐学院,同样是许多大提琴比赛的常胜军。两人原本应该是古典乐坛的竞争对手,但2011年在导演朋友的建议下,合拍麦可杰克森名曲〈Smooth Criminal〉MV,成为网路最红的音乐影片,进而组成了魅力无法挡的「2Cellos」。

最新专辑【浩瀚无限】收录了十二首最新翻玩的精采曲目,第一首〈The Trooper Overture〉就是由铁娘子合唱团同名单曲搭配罗西尼《威廉泰尔》序曲,再加上摇滚天团AC/DC的〈Thunderstruck〉佐韦瓦第第四号大提琴协奏曲,同时精采演绎电台司令、史汀、谬斯合唱团、蒙福之子乐团等摇滚金曲。此外,特别收录流行天王麦可杰克森1996年的〈They Don’t Care About Us〉,及顶尖电音DJ艾维奇2013年横扫全球的冠军舞曲〈Wake Me Up〉。


2Cellos提琴双杰 / 浩瀚无限【CD+DVD豪华版】
2Cellos / Celloverse【CD+DVD】
CD / 2 片装

Label: Sony
Catalogue No: 88875069352
Discs: 2
Release date: 9th Feb 2015
Barcode: 0888750693525
Medium: CD + DVD Video

2CELLOS, music’s most electric and dynamic instrumental duo, return with their new album Celloverse on January 27, 2015.

Propelled into international fame in 2011 after their version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” went viral with 20 million-plus YouTube views, Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser return to their rock roots on their third album, Celloverse

Self-produced by Sulic and Hauser, Celloverse showcases 2CELLOS’ unique ability to reinvent current and classic rock/pop songs, starting with “The Trooper Overture,” a metal-meets-classical mash up of Iron Maiden’s hit and Rossini’s “William Tell Overture.” The album includes their take on AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” (the video has over 27 million views), “I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons and Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us.” Rounding out Celloverse is the Paul McCartney classic “Live and Let Die,” with special guest Lang Lang and the title track, an original song penned and arranged by 2CELLOS. “In terms of arrangements and production, as well as playing and sound, this is our most advanced album,” says Sulic, “and we’re so excited to share it with our fans around the world!”

A visually dynamic act, 2CELLOS will create a music video for every song on the album. The deluxe edition of Celloverse features seven of their most popular videos including two live performances from sold out arena shows in their native Croatia.

2CELLOS playing style has broken down the boundaries between different genres of music, from classical and film music to pop and rock. They have no limits when it comes to performing live and are equally as impressive when playing Bach and Vivaldi as they are when rocking out.

They have sold out shows around the globe and also performed with Sir Elton John as part of his band, as well as opening his shows to rapturous acclaim. Hauser says, “We have so much intensity, energy and audience interaction that you really have to see us live!”



The stellar 2Cellos are back with another universally appealing collection of classically re-imagined rock and pop songs - blasting instrumental music off into a whole new 'Celloverse!'

2Cellos return with their third album, which returns to the sound and concept of their debut, building on Luka Sulic & Stjepan Hauser's unique ability to re-imagine current and classic rock and pop songs with their own extraordinary energy.

Self-produced by Sulic and Hauser, the all new 'Celloverse' showcases 2Cellos' unique ability to reinvent current and classic rock/pop songs, starting with "The Trooper (Overture)" a metal-meets-classical mash up of Iron Maiden's hit and Rossini's "William Tell Overture." The album includes their take on AC/DC's "Thunderstruck," "I Will Wait" by Mumford & Sons, as well as Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us."

Rounding out Celloverse is the Paul McCartney classic "Live and Let Die," with special guest Lang Lang and the title track, an original song penned and arranged by 2Cellos.

So get on board and let's rock it to the 'Celloverse!'


01. The Trooper Overture (Rossini 'William Tell Overture'/Iron Maiden 'The Trooper')
02. I Will Wait (Mumford & Sons)
03. Thunderstruck - Intro (Vivaldi Cello Sonata No. 4 in E minor)
04. Thunderstruck (AC/DC)
05. Hysteria (Muse)
06. Shape of My Heart (Sting)
07. Mombasa (Hans Zimmer from 'Inception')
08. Time (Hans Zimmer from 'Inception')
09. Wake Me Up (Avicii)
10. They Don't Care About Us (Michael Jackson)
11. Live and Let Die - feat. Lang Lang (Paul McCartney and Wings)
12. Street Spirit - Fade Out (Radiohead)
13. Celloverse (Original composition by Sulic & Hauser)
14. Satisfaction